Making the Transition from Smoking to a Health Living

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guy smoking e cigSmoking, though bad for the health, is a very hard habit to quit from. Yes, it is addicting. But what makes smoking addicting? A lot of research points the blame on nicotine, which is a drug that is not only addicting but is also a powerful stimulant for the brain. In turn, we subconsciously get hooked on the cigarette that contains the stimulating yet relaxing drug that enters in our bloodstreams. After inhaling, it only takes the nicotine 7-10 seconds to reach the brain that causes the chemical dopamine to be released. The boosted yet euphoric feeling given by the happy chemical is a large factor in getting addicted to cigarettes, but there are other chemicals wherein taking in cigarettes becomes a bad habit, not only for the smoker but to others around him as well.

Chemicals that can be found in cigarettes and where they can be found:
Carbon monoxide – car exhaust
Tar – material to make roads
Ammonia – cleaning products
Cadmium – used to recharge batteries
Arsenic – poison for pests
Cyanide – high caliber poison
Acetone – nail polish remover

These are just a few examples from the numerous deadly chemicals that you can find in a single stick of cigarette. Not only is this taken in by the smoker, but he also harms those in the vicinity of his smoke.

So what would be a good alternative for cigarettes for those who would not want to give up smoking or at least trying to quit? The answer is vapor cigarette. This electronic cigarette is a very viable alternative to cigarette smoking because it produces vapor (which is tremendously less harmful to the health) but still provides for the craving for nicotine. Here are a few vapor cigarette which are highly recommended by ecigaretteopedia.com:
V2 Cigs
South Beach Smoke

Two Things You Need to Have When Smoking

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Smoking is a physical and psychological habit. Nicotine is one of the most harmful drugs available in the market and smokers inhale it to their lungs along with tar and carbon dioxide and other chemicals. One of the most popularly suggested ways to stop smoking is vaping. Vaping is when you shift to using electronic cigarettes as a substitute to actual cigarettes. That can be an option too but here are some things you actually need to stop smoking.


full ecigs kitNicotine is very addictive and it will take a lot of determination to quit. You have to make the decision to quit if you’re really going to quit. If you’re half-hearted or you’re not that serious about it, chances are, it’s not going to happen. If you’re clear on your reasons on wanting to stop smoking, abstaining will be easier. Mind over matter. Sometimes we may give in to temptation or pressure, because of the environment, but if you really put your mind to it, you’ll be fine. Determine your reasons to quit too. You can list it down if you need to. That’s something to go through if you ever get tempted to smoke.

Brace yourself

Nicotine withdrawal really does happen and your cravings for food and other things will increase. Nicotine has a way of clinging onto your body. It’s like a magnet that draws you to want more. You may also experience anxiety, depression or headaches along many other things. Prepare something to ease this tension when it happens. You can try going to the gym or doing yoga. This can also be the start of your way to a healthier lifestyle. Electronic cigarettes are always a good option and you can read all about them at http://www.ecigaretteopedia.com/

Reasons to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

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Electronic cigarettes have made such an impact over the last decade and it has become a fad. It’s not just a means to quit smoking anymore. It has simply become a more modern alternative. People have been modifying their e-cig bodies to produce more smoke or drag smoother or any other modifications you can think of. It has become a hobby and sometimes a trophy between friends on who has the best electronic cigarettes build or best-flavored juice. Some people have already started making their own juice and try making their own flavours too.

Why stop smoking?

There is no good reason to start smoking, but there are a lot of good reasons to stop smoking. Aside from thinking about your entire well-being, think about the people around you. Second-hand smoke affects their health too, sometimes it affects the lungs of second-hand smokers more than your own. Smoking kills, it causes lung cancer and other complications in the body. It also makes you look older or dehydrated and overall just makes you look haggard.

Why start vaping?

huge vapor cigaretteThe most obvious reason to start vaping is to stop smoking cigarettes. The best electronic cigarettes have no carcinogen agents or tar and you don’t have to worry about the smell and the ash going everywhere anymore. If it’s the means of putting something in your mouth and puffing it, you still get the same effect. It may taste different, but you get rid of the health concerns that come with smoking cigarettes. You’re also contributing less air pollution and fewer cigarette butts to clog drainage or the sewer system. A lot of smokers have turned to vaping and made it into their hobbies or past time to build their own mods which can be a bonding activity for friends. If you are looking to stop smoking and start vaping learn more about different brands at http://www.ecigaretteopedia.com/